Emergency Roof Repair

tree fallen on top of roof after storm

When Life Rips the Shingles Off Your Roof

When we see images of fires and natural disasters on the news, we may, in false comfort, say that it will never happen to us. But, unfortunately, sometimes it does. Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and during an emergency, time is of the essence. Acting fast yet wisely is the best way to minimize damage. Knowing who to call can help save precious time and result in a more favorable outcome. This is true for most of life’s emergencies.

Emergency roof repair is often necessary after a powerful storm. Strong winds can rip shingles off the decking, and trees can fall on or through your roof. In the roofing world, anything that allows water into your home is considered a roofing emergency. When something like this happens, doing a quick patch or installing a protective cover, such as a tarp, prevents further exterior and interior damage. When a roofing emergency strikes, knowing who to call can make a huge difference. Call Holland Homes Roofing Co., the emergency roof repair experts in Billerica, MA at (781) 864-2525. We have decades of experience in the roofing industry and can help you recover after a roofing disaster.

Common Emergencies

Often, roofs are damaged by fire, animals, or natural events. In fact, the wind is the roof’s most formidable opponent. Winds exceeding 50 miles per hour can snatch shingles from the decking. Weak trees can uproot, or branches can snap and fall on or through the roof. And if lightning strikes, it can blow a literal hole through the roof. Then there is the potential for fire – which will consume anything in its path. And if that weren’t enough to contend with, squirrels, raccoons, and other little critters love to nestle up in your attic. And they don’t use the front door. No. They gnaw their way through rotted wood which means you now have a hole in the roof. On top of that, regular wear-and-tear, plumbing leaks, and other unforeseen events can cause you to need emergency roof repair. Life can throw a lot of curveballs at you and when those curveballs land on the roof, you need someone who can help you bounce back. Holland Homes Roofing Co. would love to be on your team. Serving Billerica, MA, and the surrounding areas, we’re your go-to guys when the gettin’ gets rough.  

shattered terra cotta roofing from hail damage

How We Mend A Broken Roof

Trees usually don’t just fall on your roof and random gusts of wind don’t just casually stroll through the block ripping up shingles. Usually, roofing emergencies happen during a storm. Because the safety of our employees is top priority, if you call in the middle of a storm, we will wait for the storm to pass and then quickly get to work. We don’t recommend you try to mend a roof in the middle of a storm either. Roofs are slippery and dangerous, and the damage is already done. Don’t risk injuring yourself. Instead, call us. As soon as the weather lifts, we will be there to place a tarp over the area (if necessary), and begin on the best course of corrective action for your roof. Call (781) 864-2525 now, or save us in your contacts for the future. Holland Homes Roofing Co. is here for all your emergency and non-emergency roof repairs in North Billerica, MA.