Roof Moss Removal

closeup of moss on roof

What’s the Matter with Moss?

A layer of moss on the roof can create a magical feel — complete with woodland fairies and garden gnomes. Nevertheless, what some may consider charming, roofers consider trouble. Left to its own devices, this plush plant will eventually degrade practically all roofing materials. Asphalt, clay, concrete, and even metal all fall prey to its green little claws. In climates like that of Billerica, MA, where temperatures are often well below freezing, the negative impact of moss is amplified. Since moss retains water, it can freeze when low temperatures strike, causing the shingle to crack when the moss thaws. This dramatically shortens the lifespan of the roof.

Moss growth on roofs is primarily found on shaded portions of roof periodically exposed to moist and damp weather conditions. The amount of sunlight your roof receives (or lack thereof) is a determining factor in the amount of moss or lichen growth you experience on your roof. More sunlight equals less growth. Moss starts as a thin green layer on and between shingles. As it grows, it plumps up and lifts the shingle or tile off the roofing deck. Water can then seep through the newly formed opening, causing rooted wood and leaks. If you’re experiencing moss growth on your home’s roof, call the roof moss removal experts in Billerica, MA by dialing (781) 864-2525. We can tackle any existing moss and help you take corrective measures to prevent moss growth in the future. 

Professional Roof Moss Removal Services in Billerica, MA

Because moss is like a little sponge, it holds moisture against the roof and increases the rate of roof degradation. In a place like Billerica, MA, which experiences its fair share of frosty days and nights, moss can freeze and damage the mineral granule coating on asphalt shingles. Additionally, in frosty climates, moss increases the amount of cracking, damage, and wear on shingles or wooden shakes. As such, moss and lichen are more than just an appearance issue. It can shave years off your roof installation, no matter the kind of roof. Merely brushing or dusting the moss off won’t suffice as the moss will grow back. Roof moss removal is required instead.

Moss Removal Experts

Aggressive cleaning, such as brushing or dusting may actually damage the shingles and their protective granules, especially if they are old. Instead, chemical treatments, metal flashing strips, algae-resistant shingles, and other methods are used to inhibit the growth of moss and lichens. Because lichen doesn’t have as much thickness of body as moss, it doesn’t pose as much of a threat. Nevertheless, if you have moss or lichen growing on your roof, give the roof moss removal experts in North Billerica, MA, give Holland Homes Roofing Co. a call at (781) 864-2525. We’ll even chase out the garden gnomes.